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UFOs discovered and launched in GTA 5



In the huge virtual world of GTA V Online, over the seven years of the existence of the cult game, gamers have found all the secrets that the developers hide with great care. However, with regular updates, similar chips appear. The last “secret” was conquered by the blogger of the thematic YouTube channel The Game File Gurus together with his team.

In GTA V, the

The task of the four “residents” of GTA V was to visit a military bunker with an alien ship, which later had to be launched. Before this operation, gamers had to “dance with a tambourine.” The fact is that the craftsmen studied the last pack of updates from the inside, where they found new scripts, as well as a graphic model of a UFO. When trying to launch a new Freemode event from a series of business skirmishes, they failed many times. But who does not give up, luck smiles at him. In the end, this is what happened.

Discussions of this mission in the communities of GTA fans have not yet yielded a result with regards to the exact algorithm of actions during the passage. From the video posted on the channel, you can understand that the first thing the players go to the military base of Fort Zancudo. In one of the hangars there are scientists in white coats and the military, showing resistance. An alien ship hovers over their heads. There are also UFO parts that must be collected and brought to Omega for a reward. The end.

UFO spotted in GTA 5

On the GTA V forums, gamers were delighted with the new event. To a greater extent, they rejoiced in the return of Omega, about which there was neither a rumor nor a spirit, after completing a mission for Franklin. The fact that there are inscriptions in English on the UFO was noted strange. This prompts a continuation of the storyline – can an extraterrestrial ship actually be terrestrial?

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