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UE Fits – a headset that adjusts to your ears

by Henry Brown


Almost every in-ear wearer uses standard large, medium or small earbuds, and in general, few people complain about anything. These headphones can provide an extremely high quality seal in your ears, due to which extremely good self-isolation can be provided, as well as good sound. But be that as it may, no matter what ear pads the company produces, all the same, they will not ideally suit everyone and everyone, because people have different, different ear structures.

And that’s why a company like Ultimate Ears suddenly tackled this problem by creating headphones that could be perfect for literally everyone. The data is called, really interesting UE Fits headphones and they cost $ 249, and their main advantage, as already mentioned, is compatibility with literally every ear. According to the manufacturer, the UE Fits have gel-filled earbuds that, within 60 seconds, which you initiate on your smartphone, will adjust and analyze the shape and size of your ears. Well, after these very 60 seconds, the gel inside will simply harden forever in the shape of your ears.

Ultimate Ears’ official press release for the aforementioned earbuds states: “This custom fit provides maximum comfort while using the headset, without any pressure, pain or irritation, even with very long use. UE Fits also boast of being able to provide superior passive noise isolation, as the installed tips create a natural, maximally correct and comfortable seal that blocks out ambient noise. ” And yes, you shouldn’t expect any active noise cancellation – in UE Fits it will be passive. That is, no technical software will try to eliminate external noise. Instead, only the “high density” of the headphones to your ears will protect you from noise.

In any case, it is necessary to mention that the UE Fits headset boasts a very good battery life – up to 8 hours. Well, if you add the charging case to this, then your headphones can last up to 28 hours in total. So far, nothing can be said about the sound quality, because the new product has not yet been sold. But if you trust the words of the company, “the sound will be clean, full, deep, detailed and warm.”


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