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Ubuntu 20.10 has been released with full Raspberry Pi support



Today, 22 October, the latest version of the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu was released. Among other changes, it contains updates to the desktop environment, better hardware support for select PCs with built-in fingerprint and touchscreen scanners, and for the first time offers the official Ubuntu desktop and server builds available for the Raspberry Pi.

Canonical has previously offered images for some Raspberry Pi-based systems, but if users wanted a full Ubuntu desktop, they had to put up with the unsupported device status. Now there is such an option, but this will require a Raspberry Pi with at least 4 GB of RAM. This means that only the latest versions of a single board computer are suitable – Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, since earlier models in the line with this amount of memory were not released.

Ubuntu 20.10 has been released with full Raspberry Pi support


It is worth noting that Ubuntu 20.10 is not an LTS release, meaning this version has only 9 months of official support. However, Canonical says this release marks the first step towards bringing the LTS operating system to Raspberry Pi devices – for users looking for long-term stability, support and security updates.


Other key changes in Ubuntu 20.10 include support for more certified devices, as well as the GNOME 3.38 desktop environment and Linux 5.8 kernel with USB 4 support, improved graphics support for Intel Ice Lake and Tiger Lake.

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