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UAE hackers strike deal with US investigation



Three former US security officials will pay a $ 1.68 million fine for providing hacking services to the Abu Dhabi government.

Three ex-US intelligence officers agreed to cooperate with the investigation and pay a large fine of $ 1.68 million as part of an investigation into a hacking case in favor of the UAE. This was reported by the press service of the US Department of Justice.

According to the United States Department of Justice, all three hackers previously worked for US intelligence agencies and the military. The defendants agreed to cooperate with the investigation in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

We are talking about 49-year-old Mark Bayer, 34-year-old Ryan Adams and 40-year-old Daniel Guerick. Bayer and Adams are US citizens, and Guericke has held this citizenship in the past. “[Они] concluded [с властями США] an agreement that restricts their future activities and employment opportunities, and also requires the payment of $ 1.685 million in punishment, “the Justice Department explained. The charges related to” violations of export controls, computer fraud and access device fraud. ” The fine is ordered to be paid within three years: Bayer will pay $ 750 thousand, Adams – $ 600 thousand, Guericke – $ 335 thousand. They pledged to fully cooperate with the Ministry of Justice and the FBI.

In 2019, Reuters reported on the involvement of these individuals in Project Raven, a program to assist the UAE in organizing surveillance of governments, the military and activists.

In exchange for a break with Voron and cooperation with various American security agencies, hackers receive a respite from the criminal punishment they are entitled to. If they comply with the terms of the deal, then in three years they will be completely exempted from liability.

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