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Twitter is testing safe mode to protect against haters



When you turn on safe mode, the system will restrict the user from insults and hate.

A new security mode for users was introduced by the social network Twitter. From now on, comments containing objectionable language and insults will be deleted, and their authors will go to the block. This is stated in the blog of the network.

The new feature is called Safety Mode. It will automatically blacklist accounts whose users use offensive words and swear words, as well as post numerous or unsolicited replies to tweets or mentions. The ban will last seven days.

The Safety Mode feature will first be tested on a small group of users.

“When enabled in your preferences, our systems will assess the likelihood of negative interactions based on both the content of the tweet and the author’s relationship with the commenter. Our system takes into account the existing relationship so that accounts you follow or interact with from time to time are not will be automatically blocked, “says Twitter.

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