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Travel restrictions for each country in a unified search engine



Although the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, vaccination programs have allowed the reactivation of tourism in much of the world.

Each country has its own entry restrictions, which, although they can be consulted through the health entities of each place, are also available on a more friendly platform to set up itineraries.

A travel itinerary planner in times of pandemic

Traveling to another country no longer only requires complying with the classic formalities. Outside of the passport and visa, if applicable, now all the sanitary protection measures that each country has applied in its territory are integrated into this equation.

Previously, we reviewed some platforms like COVID Controls and Travelbans, which serve a similar purpose to the site that we present below, but their interfaces, being crammed with information, can sometimes be cumbersome for simple queries.

The new alternative on the scene is the Sherpa Travel Requirement Finder. Unlike the previous examples, this platform more closely resembles airline and hotel websites. It is enough to indicate the places of origin and destination, plus the vaccination status of the person traveling, the country that issued their passport, plus their round trip dates, to obtain a detailed report with the documentation required to travel. Additionally, this trip planner also allows you to analyze non-return trips and connecting flights.

Once that information has been submitted, the platform will present a summary of the travel requirements, plus a detailed breakdown of the restrictions and requirements imposed both to reach the destination and to return to the point of origin. Here the requirements related to vaccination schedules, quarantines, forms to be completed, documents to be submitted and additional information, if applicable, are specified.

This same information can also be consulted through a Map, which by navigating through the planisphere allows similar searches to be carried out.

Considering that the sanitary measures applied may vary periodically, between the emergence of new variants of the virus and new waves of contagion, it should be noted that since it is not an official platform, despite the fact that this site claims to contain updated information, it is always necessary to corroborate the information consulted with the official health sources of each country.


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768 stream processors, 4GB GDDR6 memory, and only two DP 1.4 ports for $230. Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card introduced



The range of AMD 3D accelerators for professional use has been replenished with the inexpensive Radeon PRO W6400 model. It is priced at just $230. For comparison, standing one step above the Radeon PRO W6600 is priced at $650.

768 stream processors, 4GB GDDR6 memory, and only two DP 1.4 ports for $230.  Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card introduced

The Radeon PRO W6400 is built around the simplest Navi GPU, Navi 24, which is also used in the recently introduced Radeon RX 6500 XT consumer graphics card. The GPU is manufactured using TSMC’s 6nm FinFET process. It has 12 execution units and 768 stream processors, single precision performance is 3.5 TFLOPS.

768 stream processors, 4GB GDDR6 memory, and only two DP 1.4 ports for $230.  Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card introduced

The Radeon PRO W6400 received 4 GB of 16 GHz GDDR6 memory, 16 MB of fast Infinity Cache and a 64-bit memory bus. The novelty is endowed with two DisplayPort 1.4 connectors, supports PCIe 4.0 interface (four lines) and is characterized by a TDP of 50 watts. The Radeon PRO W6400 occupies only one slot in a PC case.

768 stream processors, 4GB GDDR6 memory, and only two DP 1.4 ports for $230.  Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card introduced

768 stream processors, 4GB GDDR6 memory, and only two DP 1.4 ports for $230.  Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card introduced
768 stream processors, 4GB GDDR6 memory, and only two DP 1.4 ports for $230.  Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card introduced

Even before the release of the Radeon PRO W6400, it was clear that this video card would compete with Nvidia’s budget 3D card for professional use T600. In the slides of the official presentation of AMD’s new product, there is a comparison with the Nvidia T600, and we can say that these models are comparable in performance.


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Activision Blizzard does not plan to remove existing games from Sony



After it was acquired by Microsoft for a properly outrageous amount to be repeated too often, Activision Blizzard has ensured that all of its games currently present at sony will not be subject to withdrawals. Because an aftershock should not be added to an already extraordinary first earthquake.

It’s easy to lose a sense of reality when so much money is involved. Two days ago was announced the takeover of Activision-Blizzard-King by Microsoft. For the amount committed, close to 70 billion dollars, it seemed almost certain that the other green giant wanted to lock in a number of licenses for its own flowerbeds.


By June 2023, franchises such as Call of Duty, Warcraft, Overwatch, Guitar Hero and a no less prestigious Crash Bandicoot will effectively become Xbox brands. Ironic when you remember that the crazy marsupial had made the heyday of the first PlayStation of the name, where it remained exclusive there.

Takeover of Activision-Blizzard-King by Microsoft: Sony hopes to maintain multiplatform

What about the aforementioned licenses, episodes of which are currently marketed on platforms other than Microsoft? Activision has commented on the issue in an employee FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In particular, it was a question of respecting the agreements previously made with Sony, Google and Apple:

“We will honor all existing commitments after the closing of the transaction. Similar to Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft, we have no intention of removing any content from the platforms where it exists today.”

Words that tend to reassure the partners of Activision and in particular Sony, which had declared following the takeover that it was waiting for the current contractual agreements not to be shattered. And that Activision’s currently multi-platform games remain so. And if it is likely that one or more of these brands will end up being playable only on Xbox, Microsoft would have the idea to produce Activision Blizzard titles for PlayStation. The head of the Xbox division even said on this subject:

“We have no intention of driving communities away from this platform”.

VGC nevertheless recalls that Phil Spencer had made a similar speech after the takeover of Bethesda, so that Microsoft finally confirmed that the studio’s next titles would be released on Xbox, PC and nowhere else.

Source: VGC


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Can Microsoft Defender antivirus be disabled in Windows 11?



microsoft defender has reached a spectacular level of maturing with windows 10. What started as a basic malware protection more serious, it has become one of the best antiviruses on the market, with the advantage that it is free, lightweight, and is already included and activated with the operating system. However, there are times that we may be interested in deactivating it, but is it possible to do it with Windows 11?

When we install a third-party antivirus, Microsoft Defender is disabled. However, there may be times when it is not deactivated properly, or there may be times when we simply want to temporarily disable the antivirus to install something that is detected as a false positive. It is also possible that, on a weak computer, Microsoft Defender consumes a lot of resources; especially when booting the system. There are lighter options, or if we don’t have the internet connected device, we may not even need the antivirus.

Windows 11 allows you to disable antivirus

In the Security section of Windows 11, luckily, we can disable many antivirus functions, including Real-time Protection, which is the one that usually causes problems when it comes to detecting false positives in files that we know are safe. This protection can only temporarily deactivate, but the rest of the protection modules can be permanently disabled.

So, effectively, we can temporarily disable the protection in Windows. To do this, we go to Settings in Windows 11, and there we enter the Privacy security tab. In there, let’s windows security. Once there, click on the option that says Antivirus and threat protection. In there, we just have to go to the part of managing the configuration of Real-time protection, and disable it.

It can also be permanently disabled

This deactivation is temporary, so if we want to deactivate it completely, we will have to go to the Local Group Policy Editor. To go to this section, it is necessary to disable the function of Tamper Protection within the same section where real-time protection is temporarily disabled.

To do this, we look for theLocal Group Policy Editor«, or gpedit.msc. In there, let’s Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Once we get there, we look for the option «Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus«. We double click, and we give Enabled. Now we just have to restart, and we will have the Windows 10 antivirus permanently disabled.

These are the best options we have for disable Microsoft Defender in Windows 11. Another option is to use programs like Defender Control or Configure Defender. This type of program allows you to manage a multitude of settings directly from the program and with a couple of clicks without having to navigate through the system settings.

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