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Toyota engineers show ceiling assistant robots

by Henry Brown


The world’s population is aging rapidly. People over the age of 65 constitute the fastest growing group requiring not only increased attention, but also special care. Toyota researchers have been working on a new generation of robots for several years that can solve this and many other problems: they are planned to be placed not on the floor, but on the ceiling.

Toyota engineers have abandoned the traditional approach to building robots. In their opinion, smart cars can be placed higher instead of forcing them to move around the congested furniture and other things in the apartment. A prime example is a robot that hangs from the ceiling and knows how to unload and load a dishwasher. At first glance, the device looks intimidating, but this is offset by the conveniences that it and similar devices can provide to older people.

The Toyota Research Center in California was established in 2015, and investments in the project have already amounted to about $ 1 billion. Robots are taught in virtual reality, where people perform certain actions, and machines hone them to automatism. The researchers clarify that many companies use this approach. However, many smart devices are unable to solve simple tasks outside the laboratory. Toyota engineers believe that a robot should not only perform actions for a person, but rather complement and increase his physical capabilities and activity.

Gripper for soft objects

The Japanese company has no plans to use robots outside the research center yet. She talks about the houses of the future, in the design of which robots are already integrated. This will make building design much more difficult, but it will solve many social problems.

A source: theverge.com


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