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TOP-3 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Functions and Features



As part of our weekly column, we decided to go beyond smartphones, wireless headphones and other mobile electronics and have prepared for you a selection of the best robotic vacuum cleaners for the home.

To begin with, let’s explain for those who do not know what a robot vacuum cleaner is. This is a new category in the consumer electronics market that has already made a lot of noise. Thanks to built-in sensors and built-in algorithms, the robot vacuum cleaner will take over the cleaning and will not require your direct participation, except for the need for periodic charging. Robots are able to avoid obstacles and respond to altitude. The robot is controlled in several ways, depending on the selected model. Some are equipped with a remote control, others have a touchscreen display, while others support control via a smartphone and recognize voice commands. Gadgets differ and the type of cleaning. There are models for dry cleaning, and there are those that combine the functions of a vacuum cleaner and a floor polisher. But in any case, all robotic vacuum cleaners have in common that they significantly save our time.

iLife V7s Pro

• Modes of cleaning: dry and wet.
• Dust container capacity: less than 500 ml.
• Working time: 2 hours or 140 squares.
• Smartphone control: yes.

iLife V7s Pro

This robot vacuum cleaner has earned high marks from buyers for a reason. It supports both dry and wet cleaning and is able to remove dust from not only hard floor coverings like tiles, laminate or linoleum, but also carpets and carpets. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with special sensors that detect obstacles and changes in floor height, and also has a double filter that traps dust, debris and even six pets. The kit also includes a special 450 ml wet cleaning tank. The manufacturer claims that this is enough to wipe up to 180 square meters of floor. Another interesting feature of iLife V7s Pro is that the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging station if its battery runs out.

Xiaomi Mijia

• Modes of cleaning: dry.• Dust container capacity: less than 500 ml.
• Working time: 2-2.5 hours.
• Smartphone control: yes.

Xiaomi Mijia

One of the main features of this Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is the ability to remotely control it from a smartphone. It has a stylish design, a variety of different sensors and a main brush with additional side brushes for quality cleaning. And the dual filtration system traps dust and dust mites, making the indoor air cleaner. Xiaomi Mijia has artificial intelligence that can independently build a route and a cleaning plan. The autonomous operation of the vacuum cleaner is provided by a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery, which, according to the manufacturer, will last for 2.5 hours of work, which is equivalent to cleaning 250 square meters. And if the battery is still discharged before the end of cleaning, then after a full charge the vacuum cleaner will start cleaning from the very place where it stopped.

Neatsvor X500

• Modes of cleaning: dry and wet.
• Dust container capacity: 600 ml.
• Water tank: 350 ml.
• Working time: up to 2 hours.
• Smartphone control: yes.

Neatsvor X500

According to the editorial staff of, a gadget from the Neatsvor brand, which is little-known in the Russian market, is also among the best robotic vacuum cleaners. It is able to perform both dry and wet cleaning and, thanks to the built-in processor and many sensors, it is able to move around the apartment without bumping into obstacles. And with the help of a special mobile application, you can control the robot vacuum cleaner from your smartphone, even without being at home. In the application, you can select cleaning modes, adjust the suction power and water volume, and even schedule cleaning by time.

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