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To repair the iPhone 12 camera, you must use the proprietary Apple System Configuration solution, with a simple replacement – the camera does not work



The iFixit experts made another discovery related to the maintainability of the iPhone 12. As it turned out, it is impossible to repair the smartphone camera without access to the proprietary Apple System Configuration application, which has a cloud connection.

IFixit says it has conducted exhaustive testing, compared the information with multiple repair technicians, and reviewed leaked Apple training documents. As a result, experts came to the conclusion that the iPhone 12 camera “is completely unreliable when moving between iPhones.”

During testing, it was found that the iPhone 12 camera becomes almost unusable when transferred to another iPhone 12. It works on startup, but does not work in actual use. It is reported that the camera does not switch to the ultra-wide-angle module, responds only to certain operating modes, and sometimes does not respond at all. Previously, cameras were “generally easy” to switch between iPhones of the same model.

While similar fixes have occurred with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 LCDs and Taptic Engine modules, iFixit believes there are more concerns now. Apple’s internal training documentation that explains iPhone 12 to authorized technicians is indicative of a change in repair approach. Starting with the iPhone 12, authorized technicians will need to run the proprietary Apple System Configuration cloud-bound application to fully repair cameras and screens.

Thus, Apple (intentionally or accidentally) makes it extremely difficult to repair iPhone without its own approval from the company. Now it turns out that the camera must have a remote authorized serial number from Apple. And if during the repair process the necessary authorization procedure is not performed, the user is deprived of the opportunity to fully take pictures with the camera of his smartphone.

In theory, this obstacle could be addressed with a future software update, but iFixit believes this is unlikely. It is noted that authentication by simply replacing the camera negatively affects the iPhone repair and resale market.

“With no obvious benefit to iPhone buyers, it smells like greed. Or worse, planned obsolescence, ”says repair technician Hugh Jeffries.

Source: macrumors

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