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TikTok and WeChat will be removed in the US from the App Store and Google Play on September 20 by Donald Trump




The US Department of Commerce announced a ban on the use of the Chinese social network TikTok and the WeChat messenger in the country, citing the decree the president Donald Trump (Donald Trump).

What is known

Both programs will be removed from the US App Store and Google Play this Sunday (September 20). The reason for blocking is a threat to national security.

“As directed by the President, we have taken important steps to combat China’s malicious collection of personal data from American citizens, promoting our national values ​​and democratic norms …” said Wilbur Ross, US Secretary of Commerce.

If everything is clear with WeChat (the company does not have many users in the US and it does not really resist), then in the case of TikTok everything is much more complicated. The social network has a very large audience in the USA (50 million daily active users). Because of this, ByteDance, which belongs to TikTok, for several months it will enter negotiations with the White House to sell the American part of the social network and minimize its losses.

Microsoft initially wanted to buy the businessbut her offer was rejected. Also buying TikTok was interested Twitter, and according to the latest information, Oracle may buy it. Unfortunately, both sides have not been able to agree so far.

Source: US Department of Commerce

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