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Tik Tok will finally be blocked in the United States on September 28 – which is known




Yesterday, on September 25, the company ByteDance, which owns the main social network of 2020, filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Colombia. The company’s lawyers are asking to cancel the current order of US President Donald Trump to block the social network, which comes into force at 00:00 on September 28. This order was not revoked, despite the sale on September 19 of 20% of shares to American companies. The Verge reports that the pressure on the owner of the application will continue until full control over the social network is gained.

Tik Tok will be blocked in America

It will be recalled that the war against the popular social network is allegedly being waged in the interests of American citizens. Representatives of the presidential administration believe that 15-second videos with American citizens should be stored on servers located only in the states.


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