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Three easy ways to make money on Instagram

by Henry Brown

Soon, Instagram bloggers will be able to use three more ways to monetize. This was announced by the head of Adam Mosseri in his “story”, the screenshots and the essence of which were instantly distributed on the network. By the way, the existing methods of monetization remained intact.

Adam Mosseri on payments to Instagram bloggers
Adam Mosseri on payments to Instagram bloggers

Actually, here are some of the innovations that the manager told about:

  • Blogger’s subscribers will soon be able to support him by purchasing a digital badge. This is tantamount to direct payments – donations.
  • The next opportunity to earn money was called directly – “Shop on the couch.” That is, a blogger needs to advertise a certain product on his page and receive a percentage from purchases. By the way, a similar solution with a commission is also offered in AliExpress.
  • In turn, monetization for the number of views will finally “migrate” from YouTube. True, they will be counted on Instagram only in the IGTV section.

We also note that the innovations do not in any way affect various kinds of collaborations on a financial basis, third-party agreements directly with the advertiser, etc.

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