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Thing of the day: Halloween candy robot door



Halloween is a huge holiday, especially in the USA. This year’s pandemic does not allow to celebrate it on its former scale, which is why candy manufacturers are looking for new ways to increase candy sales during this period.

For manufacturers of sweets, marmalade, cookies and other not very useful but very tasty things, Halloween is one of the main holidays of the year. In 2019, sales of candy in the United States before Halloween reached $ 4.6 billion, which is about 10% of the annual turnover of many companies. Less candy is sold on Easter, Valentine’s Day and the winter holidays.

It is somehow necessary to involve people in buying sweets, so manufacturers come up with new PR campaigns. For example, Reese’s has created a robot door that is remotely controlled and dispenses a pack of chocolate chip cookies for every sweet or nasty phrase.

Robot doors will travel to 12 US cities, and you can call her through a special hashtag in the comments on the brand’s page.

But that’s not all: Mars Wrigley has released the Trick or Treat app, where you can create a virtual door, order virtual sweets and invite friends for them. All virtual candies can be exchanged for real ones in the store, sent by parcel or donated in cash to a charitable organization.

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