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Thermaltake Thoughliquid Ultra and Thoughliquid ARGB Sync liquid coolers introduced



Thermaltake introduced the Thoughliquid series of liquid cooling systems. It includes the Ultra and ARGB Sync lines, which are combined with models with radiators in lengths of 240 mm, 280 mm and 360 mm. These LSSs use Thoughfan fans, and a small display or RGB backlight is built into the pump cover, depending on the lineup.

The Thoughliquid Ultra LSS uses Thoughfan 12 Turbo fans with a speed of 2500 rpm. In the description, the manufacturer highlights the second generation hydraulic bearing and the liquid crystal polymer blades for maximum efficiency with low noise levels. This range includes models with redesigned 240 mm and 360 mm radiators, which are characterized by increased surface area of ​​the fins. The 2.1-inch display built into the pump cover combined with the water block can display the processor temperature, frequency and other indicators in real time. It also provides output of lighting effects and custom images in GIF format, for which TT ?? RGB Plus 2.0 software is used.

The more affordable Thoughliquid ARGB Sync models with 240mm, 280mm and 360mm heatsinks are equipped with Thoughfan 12 fans and have a backlight instead of a screen in the pump cover. It is made with six addressable LEDs. The cover is rotatable so that the backlit logo can be oriented to match the position of the pump in the PC case.

New LSS come with a two-year warranty. MSRPs are $ 210 for the Thoughliquid Ultra 240, $ 240 for the Thoughliquid Ultra 360, $ 120 for the Thoughliquid ARGB 240, $ 130 for the Thoughliquid ARGB 280, and $ 150 for the Thoughliquid ARGB 360.

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