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The Xbox Series S has a small SSD, but Microsoft has come up with a solution. Games for this console can take up 30% less space




The Xbox Series S game console differs from its older sister not only in performance, but also in the amount of storage. This set-top box received a 512 GB SSD.

For some, this is quite enough, but for others – very little. However, potential Xbox Series S buyers should be aware that game versions for this console will take up less storage space.

A Microsoft spokesman said in an interview that when installed on the Xbox Series S, the game can take about 30% less than in the case of Series X. This will be implemented by the fact that, if the game is installed on a junior console, the texture packs of the highest resolution are loaded they simply won’t. However, the implementation of this feature will lie on the shoulders of the developers, so this will obviously not be done in all games.

In the case of various monstrous projects, like the latest Call of Duty, even a 30% reduction in the volume of the game will not save the situation much, but it’s still better than nothing.


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