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The World’s Most Profitable & Downloadable Apps Identified




Sensor Tower has shared with the public another report on mobile apps for the past quarter.

Analysts estimate that in the third quarter of this year, $ 29.3 billion was spent on mobile applications in the App Store and Google Play. During the reporting period, 36.5 billion app downloads were made.

TikTok proved to be the leader in almost all respects, being the most “monetary” non-gaming application in the overall standings, as well as the most downloaded application.

On the App Store, TikTok is ranked # 1 in terms of downloads and revenue. On Google Play, TikTok became the leader in downloads, and Google One took first place in revenue.

It is noted that on the App Store, users spent almost twice as much as on Google Play. App revenue grew 32% and installs grew 23.3%.


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