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The world’s fastest AI supercomputer powered by NVIDIA will go to Italy



It was revealed just last week that NVIDIA will build the UK’s most powerful AI supercomputer, as the company has now announced that its accelerated computing platform will be used to build the world’s fastest AI supercomputer. The project was named Leonardo and is being implemented by the French company Atos for the Italian inter-university consortium Cineca.

The new system will provide 10 exaflops of FP16 computing using artificial intelligence and will be equipped with more than 14 thousand graphics accelerators based on NVIDIA Ampere. This power will be used by researchers to model planetary forces affecting climate change and molecular movements within the coronavirus molecule, as well as to analyze genomes and discover new therapies. NVIDIA said its computing platform will dramatically accelerate high-performance tasks while combining extremely high bandwidth and low power consumption.

World's fastest AI supercomputer powered by NVIDIA to go to Italy


Leonardo will be the centerpiece of a quartet of new supercomputers that are being built with support from EuroHPC, an initiative to develop high-performance computing capabilities in Europe. The remaining three systems will be built for the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Slovenia. All of them will receive NVIDIA GPUs based on Ampere architecture and Mellanox HDR InfiniBand switches for low latency, high bandwidth and networked computing. Two of the four supercomputers will be built by Atos, one by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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