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The test showed that the Asus DG1-4G video card is slightly inferior to the Asus RX 550 4G model



Introduced in March, the Asus DG1-4G graphics card was tested in the Basemark GPU 1.2 test suite as part of an Intel Core i3-10100F processor with 8GB of RAM. The core of the system is the Asus Prime H410M board, one of two Asus board models that are compatible with the DG1.

The passively cooled Intel Xe GPU with 4GB of LPDDR4-4266 memory scored 1267 and 17289 in Vulkan High and Medium, respectively. In the Vulkan Medium test, it fell slightly behind the now outdated Radeon HD 7850, which scored 17349 points and the Radeon RX 550 on the more modern Polaris architecture, which scored 17619 points.


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