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The shortage of video cards is forcing manufacturers to resurrect models that have already been forgotten. Gigabyte Returns GeForce GT 1030 On Sale, But The Price Is Shocking



The total shortage of graphics cards around the world has led Nvidia and partners to begin re-producing previous generations of video cards. So, Nvidia has already promised to increase the supply of GeForce GTX 1650, and Gigabyte went even further and resurrected the GeForce GT 1030. This video card is already available in Japan and in some online stores in the United States.

Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 (part number of the video card – GV-N1030D4-2GL) was released in 2017 and disappeared from sale in 2019-2020 … to return to store shelves again in 2021. This model is based on the GP108 GPU of the Pascal family with 384 cores CUDA and has 2GB of DDR4 memory with a 64-bit bus. For games, or even more so for mining, such a video card is not suitable, but for outputting a video signal to a monitor or TV it is quite: there are HDMI 2.0b connectors (with support for 4K resolution and a frequency of 60 fps) and DVI-D.

Interestingly, even this entry-level model has overclocking presets. So, the GPU frequency in the base mode can be increased from 1151 to 1177 MHz, and in Boost mode – from 1379 to 1417 MHz. True, it’s hard to imagine who wants to overclock the GeForce GT 1030.

The price of the model is a shock. If at one time a video card was sold for about $ 80, then its price in Japan is now $ 100 (and this does not include taxes, which are traditionally high in Japan). And in the US, some sellers ask $ 186 for it!

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