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The “secret” enhancement makes Google Camera more user-friendly. Added quick access to zoom



Google has released another update for its Google Camera app and enthusiasts have discovered one “secret” improvement that was not reflected in the official changelog.

In versions 8.0 and 8.1 of Google Camera (now available on Google Play), the developers, without any noise or announcements, added a quick way to access the zoom function.

6x, 1x and 2x icons are located above the shutter button for quick zoom in / out. If you do a long press on one of these icons, a full slider appears for fine-tuning the magnification. After the user releases the icon, the inscription on it will change from the initial to the current zoom value.

The authors of the subject resource 9to5Google, who tested the innovation, reported that it is much more convenient than the standard gesture of pinching / spreading the fingers. It is also noted that Google removed the double-click zoom launch in Google Camera 8.0, and was replaced by a new method.

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