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The same hardcore – journalists praise the new Demon’s Souls



Let’s start with the most important thing. Despite the fact that the game looks like a more modern project for the PS5, the “core” has not changed much. Gamers can safely open any walkthrough of the original Demon’s Souls, and it will do.

Journalists praise the detailed environments and character models. But what amazed gamers even more was the lighting. The power reserve of the console, finally, allowed not to limit developers in graphic aspects, thanks to which Demon’s Souls shines with an excellent play of light and shadow.

No, there is no newfangled ray tracing technology in the game, but the real-time lighting effects are still very impressive. Considering that the main part of the game takes place in dark locations, it is always very pleasant to go to the deliberated areas of the level.

And, of course, downloads. They are very fast, so moving to your body after death (and in games from From Software you have to do this often) is not annoying, and you have to wait no more than a couple of seconds to respawn by the fire.

Source: techcrunch

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