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The Qiui Cellmate smart chastity belt for men is dangerous. The user can become his eternal “hostage”




The Qiui Cellmate smart chastity belt for men has a vulnerability that allows users to remotely lock their penises. You can get out of the trap only with the use of physical strength and special tools, while risking your health. This was reported by the British firm Pen Test Partners.

It’s all about the absence of an emergency shutdown mechanism, which can cause a permanent blocking of the device. The vulnerability was in the API – it allowed the application on the smartphone to interact with the gadget.

Qiui Cellmate allows users to transfer control to their partner, and he can remotely lock or unlock the device. The belt communicated with a smartphone without a password and encryption – anyone could take over control.

The lock on the chastity belt is fixed with a metal ring under the user’s dignity – it will only be possible to open it with the help of a heavy-duty bolt cutter or an angle grinder, experts say.

There is no emergency shutdown mechanism, so if you are locked, there is no way out – Alex Thomas, researcher at Pen Test Partners.

In addition, using an insecure API, you can access personal correspondence and geolocation of users in the Cellmate application. The entire user base of the device is also under threat – according to experts, “tens of thousands of users” can become victims of attacks. As an example, researchers collected geolocation data from users during app registration.

Previously, users have already complained about Qiui Cellmate being accidentally blocked due to problems with the application. At the same time, some still managed to get out, and one of the “lucky ones” got a scar when trying to free himself, writes TechCrunch.

The gadget worked for about a month until I got stuck in it. Luckily it unlocked randomly and I was able to get out of it. The device left a scar, it took almost a month to recover – one of the users of Qiui Cellmate.

Qiui Cellmate is not the only “adult” gadget that has security problems. In 2016, researchers discovered a bug in a vibrator with a Bluetooth connection – the gadget could be remotely activated via the Internet.


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