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The prototype of the new Apple wireless charging appeared in the video




Apple announced early last year that it was canceling the launch of the AirPower wireless charger. In fact, it may turn out that the development of a promising device was not completely curtailed and the company is preparing to present its own wireless charging to the world. The fact is that a video was seen on the Internet, which allegedly demonstrates a prototype of Apple’s wireless charging.

Earlier this year, there were reports that the new iPhone 12s will have an internal magnetic ring on the back of the device that will allow you to attach accessories such as wireless chargers. The dimensions of the device shown in the video seem to match the dimensions of the magnetic ring, which will be located on the back of the iPhone and will be used for wireless charging. It is assumed that the magnetic ring will help ensure more accurate positioning of the smartphone relative to the charging module, and will also allow you to attach any other accessories to it.

It is unclear whether the module shown in the video is a prototype of a future Apple product or whether it will be transferred to third-party accessory manufacturers, similar to how it has done charging for Apple Watch and other devices under the MFi program in the past. According to reports, the new iPhone 12 will be unveiled next month. It is possible that at the same time Apple will launch wireless charging.


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