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The most important information for the PlayStation 5 revealed



Sony has revealed important information about the next-generation PlayStation 5 console on its official blog. Frequently asked questions were answered there.

We have selected the most useful and interesting:

  • PS5 games cannot be stored on an external SSD;
  • External storage can only store PS4 games;
  • 3D sound is supported in absolutely all games (thanks to the separate Tempest chip);
  • 3D sound works with all compatible headphones;
  • Unfortunately the PS5 doesn’t have a separate web browser;
  • PS5 supports the following resolutions: 720p, 1080p, 1080i and 4K;
  • 8K is not available at launch, but it may be added in the future;
  • Up to 16 accounts can be registered on one PS5;
  • You can connect a mouse and keyboard to PS5 via Bluetooth;
  • DualSense will not work with PS4.

Today it also became known that initially the designers planned to make the PS5 even bigger.

Source: Sony

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