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The main problems of the PlayStation 5 are named



As you know, in some regions PlayStation 5 is already available – for example, in the US and Japan, it is on sale from November 12. And gamers are already sharing their impressions of Sony’s next-generation console.

On the forums, they talk not only about the positive aspects, but also about the problems.

And it turns out that there are enough of them. We name the most common ones.

  • Problems connecting to the PlayStation Network – PS5 won’t log into account;
  • Problems downloading games – the console refuses to download games;
  • PS5 freezes on reboot screen – only power off helps;
  • Rest mode sometimes causes a critical error;
  • When downloading games and applications, the PS5 displays a message about adding to the download queue, and then immediately writes about a download error – after that, everything disappears in the download section;
  • Decreased performance shortly after switching on;
  • Departures from games to the main menu were noticed;
  • There are also classic freezes right during the game.
  • When trying to connect an additional SSD, the console may stop turning on;
  • There are problems when transferring data from removable media when connected to USB ports on the back – it is recommended to use only the ports on the front;
  • Some gamers have faced the problem of transferring data from PS4 to PS5;
  • The branded camera sometimes refuses to work;
  • Finally, there are problems with updating the DualSense joystick.

Many of these problems can only be solved by “rolling back” to the factory settings – and this threatens to lose all saves and data on the PS5 SSD.

Earlier, we also wrote about PS5 crashing due to SSD failure.

For sure Sony will fix most of the bugs by updating the console firmware. We hope that by the time PS5 sales start in Russia, it will no longer have all these drawbacks.

Source: Android Central

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