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The Gateway brand, which produced computers under the cow logo in the 90s, is ready to revive

by Henry Brown


Russian retail chains have long been exploiting buyers’ nostalgia for brands that were popular in the “dashing nineties”. The American giant Walmart decided to use a similar technique, returning the name Gateway, popular in the last century, to the US market. Laptops, tablets and convertible devices under this brand are already available in the US and Puerto Rico.

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The history of the Gateway brand, under which personal computers have been sold in the United States since the mid-eighties, is full of unexpected twists and turns of fate that eventually led to oblivion. In the home market, until the beginning of this century, Gateway could compete with the giants whose names are still on the rumor: Dell and HP. Born in the countryside on the South Dakota-Iowa border, Gateway has long exploited the image of a white cow with black spots in its promotional materials.

At first, Gateway sold its computers by mail through magazines and specialized catalogs, at some point the business had to expand, the headquarters moved to California, and even tried to establish the production of computers of this brand in Ireland. But in the new century, there was no place for a distinctive American manufacturer, and by 2007, after a merger with eMachines, the Gateway brand went to Acer for $ 710 million.


Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

Nominally, the Taiwanese manufacturer still owns this brand, but the Walmart retail chain undertook to breathe new youth into its products, which will distribute Gateway laptops and mobile devices in the United States and Puerto Rico. In addition to Acer, Intel and AMD, as well as audio solutions provider THX, were involved in the development of the Gateway product line.

The launch pad for the brand’s next life milestone will be an 11.6-inch ultra-thin laptop based on the AMD A4 processor. Four gigabytes of RAM will be paired with a 64 GB solid state drive and Windows 10. Cheerful body colors, including purple, will complement the range of characteristics. The cost of such a laptop on the Walmart network will be nearly $ 200.

Larger Gateway laptops will use Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 3000/4000 processors and will cost up to $ 650. The Creators Series for creative professionals will include notebook models ranging from $ 900 to $ 1200, which will already feature NVIDIA discrete graphics. A mobile “transformer” with an 11.6-inch touchscreen display will be offered for $ 300, and a pair of tablets costing $ 70 or more will be able to claim the status of an object of spontaneous purchase. This fall, Walmart promises to expand the range of Gateway laptops on offer, but the desktop systems of the legendary brand have not yet been announced to return to the US market.

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