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The future GTA 6 will have many new features




Despite the fact that Rockstar Games until recently was silent and hid all sorts of details of the upcoming game Grand Theft Auto 6, fans are still looking for any new details. A few days ago, the company gave a brief comment on the popular social network Twitter. She said fans should expect quick news about GTA 6 on Rockstar Newswire.

This event attracted a lot of attention, and it was followed by many valuable wishes from fans. Basically, they talked about how to make the game even more popular than the legendary fifth part. Most of the players who spoke want a radical change in single player, for example, so that the appearance, voice and gender of the protagonist can be customized at will.

These features have already been available in popular titles such as Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the latter, the configuration of the hero was just huge. Among other things, players would like to hear familiar accents: English, American, German, Chinese or Latin American. With them, the connection between the gamer and the character should increase significantly. Accordingly, the degree of immersion in the game will also increase.

GTA 6 will be a new world hit, giving players many new opportunities

Rockstar’s long silence may mean that the company has decided to buy time and find out exactly what players want, and then make their wishes a reality, making GTA 6 a new world hit.

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