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The flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max surprises with its insides



Apple is a fairly recognizable brand in the market of mobile technologies and devices, and to a large extent it is known as one of the most stable companies in the context of its technical experiments – in particular, Apple is famous for the fact that it practically does not change the technical design of its iPhone smartphones throughout for quite some time. However, the current disassembly of the new mobile flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max from repair specialists from the iFixit portal has shown that Apple has decided to change certain technical nuances, offering its users and fans some technical compromises.

In particular, during the preliminary analysis of the new mobile device, it turned out that inside it there is an unusual battery from the point of view of the standard form factor – the fact is that in its shape it resembles the letter L and is characterized by slightly more compact dimensions. This choice was made in favor of creating as much free space as possible for third-party components, in particular for the new 5G antenna and some microcircuits responsible for the correct and accurate operation of these 5G algorithms.

In addition, the motherboard itself has undergone significant changes in terms of the location of the components, as it now has offset control nodes and smaller memory controllers – which the experts at iFixit considered a really smart move that will not only save as much space as possible, but also make a model generally more energy efficient in terms of use in the most critical situations or at the time of overheating.

Although the iPhone 12 Pro Max model will successfully avoid overheating, and several reasons indicate this at once – in particular, the reduced battery capacity of 3,670 mAh, which may seem to be some degradation in comparison with the flagship of the previous generation in the face of the iPhone 11, which was almost 4000 mAh, but here, again, there is a rather clever approach by Apple to make up a truly remarkable level of functionality at the lowest possible market price for the users themselves.

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