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The first information about MIUI 13 has appeared



Rumors about a new version of the MIUI shell have often surfaced on various portals for a couple of months, despite the fact that not all smartphones have received the planned upgrade to MIUI 12. But there is no less interest in this.

It would be naive to assume that MIUI 13 prototypes do not yet exist and are not being developed now. Moreover, many allegedly true screenshots of the system interface are “walking” on the network, but their veracity is extremely questionable, so they should not be taken for truth.

They did not receive MIUI 12

At the time of writing, Xiaomi smartphones are getting MIUI 12 more active, and there are only a few of the planned models that should get a new version of the shell:

Redmi 6 / 6A;
Redmi 7 / 7A;
Redmi 8 / 8A;
Redmi 9;
Redmi Note 5/5 Pro;
Redmi Note 6;
Redmi Note 8T (already started to be updated);
Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Apparently, the smartphones will be updated in the near future – the company will fulfill the priority task, after which we can seriously and thoroughly talk about MIUI 13.

The first information about MIUI 13

Various sources unanimously say that Xiaomi may hold a conference in the coming days, in which the company’s developers will take an active part. But what fans can tell fans about the new version of MIUI in the process remains a mystery.

However, the company prioritizes the development of the shell already existing features: smooth animations will be refined, the choice of super wallpaper in the future will be significantly expanded, will receive updates and built-in MIUI applications, and the appearance of the system is still not perfect.

When can MIUI 13 be released?

After Xiaomi became popular outside of China, MIUI gradually switched to a renewal scheme once a year so that developers had time to bring the shell to mind. And this scheme is justified: for a year of updating does not have time to get the most users, while receiving minor updates, and the new version brings a refined interface and features, with which familiarity often takes a long time.

MIUI 12 was introduced in April this year, so the release of MIUI 13 is likely to be scheduled for mid-2021. But, it is possible that Xiaomi will present the update with a delay, as was the case with MIUI 11.

Well, it is obvious that on Xiaomi smartphones that will be updated to Android 11, MIUI 13 will be based on this version of Android.


Most of the statements and incredible “showers” of any information about MIUI 13, most likely, are fake. Externally, the system can be imagined by an ordinary user with the help of a graphic editor, as well as to report any news from a “very reliable source”. But, as they say, “there is no smoke without fire”, so it is highly likely that the development of MIUI 13 is already underway.

And yet, let me remind you: do not go for “declassified” screenshots or “merged” code. Moreover, fraudsters can offer users to download third-party software that allegedly allows you to get MIUI 13 chips now – do not download applications of this kind. It is better to study MIUI 12 and wait for official news from the company itself.

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