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The Epic Games Store Give Out Railway Empire and Where The Water Tastes Like Wine for Free




For the next weekend, the Epic Games Store digital distribution service has prepared a new distribution of games. This week, users will be able to add Railway Empire and Where The Water Tastes Like Wine to their collections. The distribution will last until September 17.

Railway Empire is an economic strategy game with simulator and manager elements. The player will have to build an elaborate and well-coordinated railway network, purchase rolling stock (more than 40 detailed recreated trains are available in the game), purchase existing or build new stations, repair shops, factories and tourist attractions. An efficiently operating and competitive railway network also requires painstaking work with personnel and the introduction of innovations, of which more than 300 are provided in the game.Starting from the 30s of the XIX century, during five eras, the player must not only technologically improve the rolling stock, but also develop infrastructure facilities … To keep the life of a railway tycoon from being boring, competitors make it difficult. In such a struggle, various means can be involved – from sabotage to industrial espionage. Railway Empire can be obtained for free from the Epic Games Store at the following address or via the service’s official client. The game is offered without add-ons, they must be purchased separately.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is a story-driven RPG adventure. It tells the story of travel, people’s lives and the struggle with fate. Using vividly hand-drawn illustrations, the game combines 2D graphics with a 3D map of the United States. The player will gradually explore the mysterious America of the Great Depression and meet strangers, each of whom has a story to tell. Hearing and retelling unique stories can open up new topics of conversation. In this way, stories will become valuable commodities, in exchange for which you can advance through the game’s plot. By choosing the right key to the heroes, the player will be able to convince strangers to open up, and then the most interesting stories will be offered as a reward, tearing the veil from the most intimate secrets of life. In Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, stories take on a life of their own, growing and changing every time they are passed on by word of mouth. You can get the game Where The Water Tastes Like Wine at the following address in the Epic Games Store or in the service client.


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