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The developer of the antivirus Avast was able to hack the coffee machines of the Smarter company




The concept of IoT devices – devices connected to each other within the framework of a common Internet network – is something really convenient and promising for the vast majority of scenarios, but at the same time it also has some very significant negative aspects. In particular, today it was demonstrated on the example of old versions of coffee machines from Smarter, namely on the example of the iKettle 1 and iKettle 2 models, which have very illustrative security problems. Martin Chron, who is one of the developers of Avast antivirus, today conducted a really unusual experiment to hack and control these coffee machines.

In particular, Chron made the following experiment – he tried, through special hacking algorithms, to penetrate the core of the mobile application, with which one can control the functionality of the presented coffee machines – and he succeeded quite quickly and easily, mainly for the reason that this application even does not use any data encryption systems. As a result, the developer was able to remotely send commands related to making coffee and grinding beans to machines of version iKettle 1 and iKettle 2, although the latest version of iKettle 3 already uses good security algorithms.

As the developer’s hacking experience has demonstrated, using this kind of IoT device without a proper encryption base and security algorithms can be a monstrous idea, and given the fact that users usually rarely change these types of appliances, it becomes clear that such a paradigm of use can bring them additional problems.

On the other hand, one can understand that the developer himself, represented by Smarter, may have his own problems regarding the correct and consistent optimization of his devices, not to mention the development of an even higher level of software quality and reliability. At this point in time, it remains only to guess how long this process will be and when exactly the management and development team of Smarter will offer the appropriate update for their relatively old models of iKettle coffee machines.


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