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The designer showed what a “normal” Microsoft smartphone could look like

by Henry Brown


A folding smartphone went on sale this week Surface Duo from Microsoft. The first reviews and feedback are still difficult to call positive. Experts doubt that the device will find its audience. Against this background, an interesting concept of Surface Solo was shared by enthusiast Jonas Daenert, who showed what a Microsoft smartphone with a single screen could look like.

The main feature of the Surface Duo was the presence of two 5.5-inch displays that can be used both separately and together, getting a small 8.1-inch screen. According to Western journalists, there are not many really useful scenarios for using such a form factor. Given the outdated hardware and the price of $ 1399, whether the gadget will find popularity. So concept maker Jonas Daenert decided to fantasize about what the Surface Solo might look like.

The designer showed what a

The proposed smartphone is not much different from most devices in 2020, but at the same time made in the same design as the Surface Duo. It has a thin body with flat faces, and a single rear camera does not protrude from the body.

The entire front side is occupied by a screen with a minimal frame and a small cutout for the front camera. At the bottom are the speakers and USB Type-C port. The power and volume buttons are traditionally located on the right side of the case.

Unfortunately, this is only an unofficial fan render. However, it is possible that Microsoft will still decide to release a smartphone in the classic form factor.


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