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The Chinese, too, are tired of waiting for the iPhone 12. The iPhone 11 results are stunning




Chinese sources report record sales of the iPhone 11 smartphone in this country. Despite the fact that 5G smartphones are already on sale in China at prices starting at $ 150, a huge number of users prefer to buy the expensive iPhone 11, which does not support 5G.

Jingdong, the largest marketplace, published the ranking of the best-selling smartphones in the country in August this year, which topped the iPhone 11. This result is even more impressive when you look at how far the iPhone 11 took the first place.

IPhone 11 sales in August were almost 500,000 units, while the Redmi K30 Pro, which came in second place, was less than 200,000 smartphones. The third place is taken by the Redmi K30 5G, followed by the Redmi 9A and Xiaomi Mi 10.

Last week, analyst firm Counterpoint published the top ten best-selling smartphones in the United States in the first week of September. The rating confirmed that many Americans did not wait for the announcement of the iPhone 12 and decided to purchase previously released models of Apple smartphones.

In the meantime, the iPhone 12 still doesn’t have an exact announcement date.


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