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The 5 major technological innovations presented at CES 2022.webp The 5 major technological innovations presented at CES 2022.webp


The 5 major technological innovations presented at CES 2022



2022 is already starting with some very interesting new technological creations for technophiles. At the biggest innovation fair CES held a few days ago, several creators exhibited innovative solutions. Among them, discover five superb creations dedicated to entrepreneurs that caught the attention of all the participants.

CES 2022 - Consumer Technology Association credit
CES 2022 – Consumer Technology Association credit

An integral and permanent video call device

Have you always thought about inventing a latest generation device to optimize virtual conferences or presentations with collaborators? If so, know that the Glass, a large format touch screen allows you to have better quality images. Better, it allows to fully see its interlocutor as its name indicates. In addition, it is also possible to use it at home for personal needs. To this end, the manufacturer has provided a feature that allows images to be blurred and remain more discreet.

Advanced webcams for computers

At CES 2022, HP and Lenovo also innovated with the presentation of their new laptops. The two technology firms have integrated more powerful cameras into them to enhance the quality of the images. On the other hand, Lenovo uses 1080p lenses to allow its users to make crisper calls.

For its part, HP has integrated 5MP cameras on all the computers it presents at CES 2022. If the latter is not seen as a great revolution, note that it brings some remarkable changes. For more than fifteen years, the standard for a high-definition computer camera has been 720p, which limits grainy video calls.

The S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum

Designed with highly intuitive camera technology, cleaning with the S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum is more than enjoyable. The device has a LiDAR scanner as well as artificial intelligence features for geolocation. It is able to map your entire home for better navigation and better autonomy.

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More interestingly, the manufacturer markets it with a dock on which it will be placed when it is not working. At the same time, this will serve as an automatic recharging location for the device’s tank. Also, the dock will come in handy for emptying the S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum’s trash can and cleaning its mop system.

The TP-Link Deco XE200 Router

This wifi signal booster is sold at a bargain price of $800. It is therefore a technology that will not be within the reach of all budgets. However, this high-performance device will allow you to have better quality access to the Internet in your home. It offers the possibility of covering a large area of ​​603.84 m2.

With the Mallet Deco XE200 system, browse the Internet with your computer and make calls with your friends and colleagues. The manufacturer includes three high-speed LAN ports in the kit that you can plug into your device for a smooth connection. If the current wifi signal booster you have doesn’t cover all areas of your home, consider getting this one.

The LG Omnipod: a “concept” car

Another standout presentation from CES 2022 is the presentation of LG’s future “concept” cabin. This is a car incorporating a cabin that can play the role of an office at the same time for working.

For the exhibition at the innovation fair, the South Korean brand also indicated that this cabin is equipped with an AI concierge. The latter will not only be able to help you with basic tasks, but will also be able to order your breakfast. Unfortunately, this creation will probably not see the light of day since it is a “concept”.


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NASA postpones first manned flight of Boeing’s Starliner



NASA postpones first manned flight of Boeings Starliner

NASA announced the postponement of the first test manned flight of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner. It will take place not in April, but in May, after the Axiom Mission 2. Reportedly, the team is now assessing the readiness of the ship and conducting final pre-flight checks.

NASA postpones first manned flight of Boeing's Starliner

The reason for the delay was the need for additional testing of the Starliner manual control system. It is needed in case of a software failure so that the ship does not lose control.

The first Starliner crew will include astronauts Barry Wilmore and Sunita Williams. If everything goes according to plan, they will have to spend about two weeks on board the ISS. After the successful return of the ship, it will receive NASA certification for regular manned flights, such as SpaceX previously received with its Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Note that the development of Starliner has been going on since 2014, but so far the ship has not received permission for regular flights.

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Former head of Google China is preparing his own AI that will surpass ChatGPT



Former head of Google China is preparing his own AI

Looks like the AI ​​race is just getting underway. Former Google China president and Chinese-Taiwan venture capitalist Li Kaifu has revealed that he is launching a new AI project called Project AI 2.0. And this is not just another chatbot similar to ChatGPT. The novelty will be able to offer more than just the generation of pictures and text.

Former head of Google China is preparing his own AI Generated by the Midjourney neural network

Details about the project have not yet been given, but it is already known that Kaifu has funded the computing power for Project AI 2.0 and intends to attract the best specialists from around the world for his project.

According to the businessman, the technology that is being created for Project AI 2.0 may become the most significant in the world in the near future. At the same time, there is no information about the launch date.

Li Kaifu announced his plans after Chinese technology companies including Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent announced their versions of ChatGPT-like chatbots. However, despite the competition, the former head of Google China is confident that Project AI 2.0 will be able to stand out from the rest due to its focus on global reach and productivity applications.

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Electric Cars

In China, an orgy of discounts on cars is raging. Discounts reach 5000-6000 dollars, and somewhere they can give a whole car



In China an orgy of discounts on cars is raging

In China, prices for cars fell. According to the Chinese Cars resource, many brands or their dealers offer cars at huge discounts, and in one case, you can get a second car as a gift!

In China, an orgy of discounts on cars is raging.  Discounts reach 5000-6000 dollars, and somewhere they can give a whole car

Almost all major market players offer discounts. The Chery Tiggo 8 Plus, for example, is on sale for around $4,500, bringing the base version to just $14,000. BYD machines are on sale with discounts up to $3,000.

The premium brand Zeekr lures otherwise: the 001 electric car is offered 22-inch wheels and a Z-Sport exterior and interior package, which would cost $5,100 in total. The Changan Deepal sub-brand offers both discounts and gifts at once, for a total of approximately $6,400.

But one of the Toyota dealers did the most impressive. When you buy the bZ4X electric crossover at full price, you get a budget Toyota Vios sedan as a gift, which in itself costs almost $11,000!

The situation with huge discounts began to take shape since the beginning of the year, when Tesla cut the prices of their cars very much. The source adds that most of the discounts do not apply to the newest gasoline models, but, as we can see, there are exceptions.

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