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The 10 Best Sports Movies You Must See On The 10 Best Sports Movies You Must See On Netflix


The 10 Best Sports Movies You Must See On Netflix



It may seem surprising to you, but Netflix isn’t just for action movie fans. The video-on-demand platform also broadcasts sports films. You will be happy to know that Netflix offers quality sports movies and series.

It is sometimes difficult to choose which sports movies to watch because, believe it or not, there is a plethora of them on the platform. Fortunately, you can count on us to help you find rare gems. We have selected for your viewing pleasure the best sports movies to discover absolutely on the Netflix application.

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1. Tyson

This documentary film, released in 2008, chronicles the life of famous boxer Mike Tyson, from his tumultuous beginnings to his arrival in the limelight. His determination and talent have won him victories in various championships. This feature film directed by James Toback takes a look at the failures and personal struggles of this boxing legend.

Most importantly, he puts an emphasis on the impact this has had on his career and finances, while showcasing his runaway success. During his career, Mike was champion in the heavyweight category. He is the youngest in this category to win a world title at the age of 20 years, 4 months and 23 days.

While watching this film, you will learn more about the journey of this boxing star. You will find details that you might not have by reading his full biography. You will share emotions, feelings and above all many experiences of this boxing legend. It’s 90 minutes with Mike Tyson, Tyrell Biggs, Monica Turner and Kevin McBride to explore the boxer’s life.

2. Million Dollar baby

This is a film released in 2004 in which the famous Clint Eastwood plays, he plays Frankie Dunn, a grumpy boxing trainer, withdrawn and lonely, a character who suits him to delight. When a 31-year-old young woman named Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank) asks her to be her coach, it’s the start of a complex relationship. He will refuse on the pretext that this sport is forbidden to women, on several occasions.

After a long persistence from the tenacious and obstinate Maggie, he will finally give in. And as the film progresses, links will be woven between these two protagonists. Throughout this film you will discover the amazing acting skills of each of the characters. Rest assured, you won’t regret choosing Million Dollar Baby. On the contrary, you will be amazed by the quality of the title which has already convinced the masses. Indeed, Million Dollar Baby has been nominated for several Oscars. So consider adding it to your must-see movies list.

3. The Water Carrier

If you’re looking for a sports movie that can give you a good dose of laughter, ” The Water Carrier ” is perfect. It tells the story of a young man named Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler), a bit dumb and suffering from stuttering.

In the absence of being able to become a football player, he offers water to the players. It is by great coincidence that he will integrate the team as a player. The university team, hitherto known for its record of defeats, will change. It’s a great moving movie to put on your list. With actors like Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Rob Schneider, this 1998 film is a feast for the eyes.

4. Ali

Mohammed Ali is a myth, a monument of the 20e century. The boxer has become during his career, the symbol of the anti-racial struggle of African-Americans. With his strong and controversial positions, he has created as many enemies as he has admirers. This film helped to silence anyone who doubted Will Smith’s ability to star in fight movies. It is true that before this film the actor had performed roles in action films, but the result in Ali is breathtaking.

No one would have imagined that he could embody the role of Mohammed Ali so well. This film, directed by Michael Mann in 2001, lasts 2 h 45 min and will make you live sensational moments. The director has managed to show the journey of boxer Cassius Clay Junior, from his beginnings in boxing until his conversion to Islam.

The film shows how during his career Ali became addicted to alcohol and the use of illicit substances. For this film, actor Will Smith had to gain 17.5 kg and also train intensely to have the build of one of the greatest boxers the world has ever known. It’s the must-watch sports movie on Netflix.

5. Friday Night Lights

Directed by Peter Berg, this film tells the story of an American football team in a high school in Odessa in 1988. The more time passes, the more the players lose hope of one day being able to win the title of champions of Texas. It is the arrival of the new coach Gary who will boost the team. This film brings us into the difficult world of American football and at the same time shows the life of the populations of the city of Odessa who are football fans. This story is inspired by real events.

Released in 2004, the film is a real success and the critics are raving about it. Starring actors like Kyle Chandler, Lucas Black, Billy Bob Thornton, Derek Luke, the film charmed crowds and all American football fans. Even though they’re not Texans. It’s a must-watch title if you’re a sports enthusiast looking for a good movie to watch on Netflix.

6. Pelé: Birth of a legend

This movie is one of the best and most inspiring sports movies to be released on the platform. The film was made in 2016 and you will experience almost two hours of pure pleasure and emotions. It tells the story of King Pelé, this footballer from the Brazilian favelas who, thanks to his talent, was able to reach the top and conquer the world of football.

For sports enthusiasts and especially football fans, you will discover the prowess and history of this legend. Considered the greatest footballer of the last century, King Pelé himself appears in one of the scenes of the film. It is a true masterpiece that allows you to follow the career progression of this football icon. Netflix offers you a unique experience that you should not miss.

7. Space Jam

If you are a fan of Michael Jordan then you absolutely must watch this movie. Space Jam (1996) is a legendary film, because it is a combination of a live film and a cartoon. It includes the famous Looneys Tunes team, coached by star Michael who will be challenged by a team of aliens for a basketball game.

This movie is very funny and it is a production by Warner Bros. The villains who represent the opponent are on a mission to kidnap the greatest comic book heroes to bring them back to their home planet. To prevent this from happening, the star team will have to beat them in a match. The coach will call on a friend like Bill Murray. The presenter of the match in this film is none other than the famous actor of the series “Friends”, David Schwimmer.

You can also discover the sequel to the film, with basketball player Lebron James starring this time.

8. Icarus

Released in 2017, this film is about doping among athletes, always looking for a strong adrenaline rush to boost their performance. This feature film immerses you in the world of doping in Russia.

The documentary film relates how the sportsmen of this country have consumed narcotics for a very long time. The director of this film, Bryan Fogel, produced a documentary after a careful and long investigation. It also presents the death threats that were made against the person who disclosed everything.

It’s a very interesting documentary film that allows you to see the setbacks of a sports career. You will also be able to see the extremes to which some are willing to go in order to achieve victory. It’s a great sports movie that you can watch on Netflix.

9. The fighter or fighter

This film is made for boxing enthusiasts. It tells the story of two brothers, one of whom is a former boxer who became a crack user. And the second which serves as a partner (punching bag) to other boxers who seek to find a place in the world of boxing. The former boxer became sober after watching a documentary that showed how the substance had ruined his life as a boxer. He then helped his brother build a career and compete in the welterweight championship. It is the story of an exceptional, but also tragic fate that awaits you impatiently on Netflix.

10. Creed

Released in 2015, the film Creed revolves around the story of young Adonis Johnson, a role played by Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther). In this film, Adonis will resign from his post in a company to get into boxing. Despite the opposition of his mother-in-law, his father’s wife who died in the ring thirty years earlier. Adonis wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and be a ring champion like him.

After having suffered several refusals from coaches in the city of Los Angeles, he decides to go to Philadelphia. The goal, beg the famous boxer and great friend of his late father Rocky Balboa. The latter now lives far from the spotlight, alone since the death of his wife and the departure of his son. Reluctant at the start, he ends up agreeing to train Adonis and the first fight won by the latter motivates him more.

Rocky is contacted by the manager of the great light heavyweight champion having learned that Adonis was the son of the famous Apollo Creed. The latter offers them to face his foal before he retires. He adds a clause according to which Adonis must use his father’s battle name.

In this film, Sylvester Stallone leaves boxing gloves to become a trainer. Rocky has a lot of strings to his bow and once again a touching performance awaits you. The Stallone-Johnson duo makes this film a real gem for sports fans. And the many distinctions that have been attributed to it are proof of this.

In conclusion

These films tell stories that will influence and inspire those who watch them. Sports films when they are based on real events provide a glimpse into the lives of certain legends who have had an impact on history. Our list contains both works of fiction and titles more rooted in reality. There is therefore something for everyone and you will certainly find something to please you.

Don’t hesitate to include these suggestions in your must-watch list. Netflix has plenty of other great titles available to you and browsing the platform will help you drive out boredom and find titles for your movie night.

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