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Tesla Model 3 overtakes petrol Corvette Z51 in drag racing



Tesla cars continue to “punish” rivals with internal combustion engines in drag racing. This time, a Chevrolet Corvette Z51 fell under the distribution. Anyone who knows this car firsthand will bet on it, because even in the basic configuration, the Corvette has very impressive speed characteristics. However, in reality, the “petrol horse” is inferior to the “electric train”, and without a chance.

So, a Tesla Model 3 Performance electric car and a tuned 2014 Corvette Z51 took part in the race. Literally from the start, Model 3 predetermined the outcome of the meeting. At the finish, the time difference was about one and a half seconds. It is worth noting that for drag racing this is an uncompromising advantage, after which revenge is unlikely to change the state of affairs. We look:

In recent years, the leaps in the development of electric cars are increasingly prompting drivers to replace gasoline cars with electric ones. And when you actually see the power, speed and drive, which is not inferior to a sports car with an internal combustion engine, then this desire increases multiple times. Most likely, the future belongs to environmentally friendly electric cars. Wait and see.

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