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Tesla is going to sell one million Model Y crossovers a year. Elon Musk will give him the title of world bestseller in 2023



During the announcement of the results of Tesla’s quarterly report, Elon Musk named the Model 3 the best-selling premium sedan. But at the same time, he noted the potential of the Model Y crossover – in just a couple of years it can outstrip Model 3 in sales.

I think the Model Y is likely to become the world’s best-selling car in 2022.“- Musk said so. However, the best-selling sedan is not at all the same as the world’s best-seller: sales here differ by an order of magnitude.

Last year, the best-selling car in the world was the Toyota Corolla – about 1.1 million of these cars were sold during the year. For comparison, about 100 thousand Model Ys were sold during the year. It turns out that in order to qualify for the laurels of Toyota Corolla, Tesla needs to increase sales of the crossover by 10 times. Will it work?

Even despite the fact that Musk subsequently made a reservation and postponed the deadline for obtaining the title of the most massive car of the year to Model Y to 2023, most likely this will not happen. The capacities of the Chinese Tesla plant are still expanding, but they are already close to the maximum, the new Berlin and Texas plants will not start working soon, and obviously not immediately at full capacity, in addition, the company is launching new models into production, which will also take up their space on the conveyor. In other words, it won’t be easy to bring the Model Y to the world’s bestsellers in such a short time. But, on the other hand, everyone knows very well that Musk does not throw words to the wind.

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