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Tesla app now has two-factor authentication




The security of our personal data, and of a wide variety of accounts, accordingly, is incredibly important. And now, as the authoritative publication Electrek reported just yesterday, from now on, absolutely all Tesla accounts can be additionally protected at personal request using two-factor authentication. This method, as you most likely know, gives owners an additional, a couple of critical level of security, which in the case of Tesla protects the connected electric car.

That is, if you were previously worried that someone could hack your Tesla account, thus gaining access to some functions of your car, now these fears are almost completely in vain. On the official Tesla support page, the paragraph that describes how to set up the above feature states that almost any third-party authenticator app can be used to provide protection for your account.

And by the way, some Twitter users have already confirmed that so-called “enhanced security” actually works both in the Tesla app and when using the official website. One way or another, the introduction of two-factor authentication into the Tesla system is not something unexpected, because Elon Musk himself spoke about this initiative a few months ago, simultaneously stating that the company was slightly late with its implementation. And this delay is indeed a significant problem, because ensuring the maximum security of company accounts is especially important, because Tesla electric cars are literally tied to the Internet.

It is also worth paying attention to the Google Play listing. Tesla’s updated app description states that “it can now do anything from locating your car to enabling various functions. In this regard, again, it is extremely important that your account is not hacked, because an attacker can harm you very much if, for example, he remotely blocks the car while it is moving. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that as mentioned on the Tesla support page, you can have up to two registered devices that are protected with two-factor authentication.


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