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Telegram 7.1 has become available for desktop versions

by Henry Brown


A few days ago Telegram for Android and iOS / iPadOS received an update. Telegram 7.1 innovations include improved search filters, support for anonymous group administrators, channel comments, new animated emojis, and other innovations available only for the Android operating system. And now this update is available for desktop versions of Messenger. It is available through the standard version for macOS, Linux and Windows, as well as through the version for macOS in the Mac App Store.

Search filters in Telegram 7.1

From now on, you can search for messages with the desired attachment type by switching between the Media, Links, Files, and more tabs. You can also search in correspondence for a certain time: just write in the search on August 14 or yesterday. To search for messages from a specific user, group, channel, or bot, type in the search nickname or chat name. All filters can be combined. For example, search for all messages with the word “boat” and a link sent in March 2016.

Telegram 7.1

Anonymous group administrators

Telegram’s security and extensive capabilities have made it an important tool for those who stand up for their rights and fight for freedom. That’s why Telegram 7.1 has added another feature that can help. To do this, you must enable “Stay anonymous” in the list of group administrator rights, and this administrator will be hidden from the list of members. His chat messages will be published on behalf of the group, similar to channel posts.

Comments in channels

If a discussion group is linked to the feed, there will be a new button below each post to go to the comments. Each post has its own comments section, but all comments are also sent to a linked discussion group, so it’s easy for administrators to keep order and for participants to keep track of all discussions. If you are not among the members of the group tied to the channel, you will receive notifications of responses to comments via a special Chat Response chat. You can enable comments for your channel in the channel settings in the Discussions section.

Other innovations of Telegram 7.1 for Android

New smooth animations have appeared in the Android application when you call or hide the keyboard, as well as switch between day and night theme through the main menu on the left. In addition, new pop-up notifications have been added. For example, when deleting messages, editing chat notifications, and saving multimedia. In group chats, you can view a photo of a participant by pinching a thumbnail of it. And those who use multiple accounts in the same application can now quickly view your account’s chat list by pinching it with their finger in the switch between accounts.

New animated emoji

Telegram continues to replenish the ranks of animated emoji. To watch the animated version, send one of these emoji below in a separate message in any chat.


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