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T-Mobile offers unique pricing for Motorola Razr 5G




Many of the major internet and mobile phone providers in the United States are in some way interested in certain mobile device manufacturers to promote their devices as actively as possible – and Verizon is a good example of this with its campaign aimed at the future rollout of the LG Wing model. However, its competitors are also on the alert, and if you take into account the supplier T-Mobile, then you can understand that it is also interested in promoting the new model of the folding Razr 5G smartphone from Motorola, which is due to launch internationally this week. market and in the USA in particular.

Surprisingly, it’s almost identical in appearance compared to the first version of this 2019 Motorola Razr foldable device – and, as is often the case with twins of any kind, their internal differences are much more striking than external ones. So, the new model is preparing to boast a Snapdragon 765G processor chip with its own 5G modem, which offers really high Internet connection speeds – and together with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, the device looks like a noticeably transformed version of the previous device from Motorola …

Not to mention, the Razr 5G has also received an expansion of its main camera from 16 to 48 MP, respectively, and this may indeed be the most compelling argument for many users when choosing this device. As for the new T-Mobile campaign, it offers to buy the device at half price in case the user hands over his old device from Motorola, which is really an attractive point.

After all, the cost of the new updated Motorola Razr 5G device remains at the same level of $ 1,400, which is a somewhat unusual approach for Motorola – thus, those users who are ready to move under the wing of T-Mobile and take advantage of its new offer can become the owners of a brand new model for only $ 700. Surely this offer has already attracted many users, so we can expect a significant increase in sales soon.


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