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Surface Duo smartphone surprises with its arrangement of components




The Surface Duo mobile device from Microsoft can rightfully be considered one of the most beautiful devices in this segment of technical goods this year, but this beauty is the result of a rather long experience and not entirely rational technical solutions regarding the internal arrangement of components. Even today, the famous youtuber disassembler Zach Nelson from the JerryRigEverything channel decided to take a detailed disassembly of a new mobile device from Microsoft and to his disappointment found that it not only offers a rather difficult approach to disassembly, but also hides many technical pitfalls.

However, first things first. First of all, the disassembler noted the very high-quality and stylishly executed model case, since Microsoft engineers and technicians assembled it from very high-quality plastic – it not only has an attractive design, but also a fairly high level of resistance to various external factors. Roughly the same can be said about the display rotation mechanism, which is an order of magnitude more reliable than the similar design in the Moto Razr and Galaxy Fold models.

As for the disadvantages of assembling the device itself, the disassembler noted the incredibly difficult and painstaking process of disassembling the device, for which he needed a lot of heat, special small screwdrivers and a bunch of different lotions. Inside, the picture is no better, because, despite the principle of modularity, most of the spare parts are so complex that they are virtually inseparable from the board, which automatically makes it virtually impossible to repair the device yourself.

Moreover, this choice of stacking the internal components can be difficult even when the device is repaired by a specialized repair service from Microsoft, since the technical and design team at Microsoft has chosen to place an emphasis on the inaccessibility of the device, rather than its ease of disassembly and repair. However, the company can be expected to heed the opinion of Nelson and a huge number of third-party Surface Duo owners, and in subsequent revisions will correct at least some of the shortcomings regarding its folding.


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