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Surface Duo received its first major patch

by Henry Brown


The new smartphone debut of Microsoft in the face of the new Surface Duo model has become really unique in many ways, but in the field of optimization and flexible customization of the internal software, the model seems to be experiencing really significant problems. Already many users who have managed to become the owners of the device reported that their model does not always correctly recognize conventional and proprietary gestures when working on two displays at once, and also does not always correctly activate and work with the camera, both the main and the additional – however today Microsoft has decided to fix all these problems and misunderstandings.

The company of developers and debuggers Microsoft has already managed to prepare and release a special patch that allows fixing most of the problems and malfunctions indicated by users, so we can say for sure that, at least in the segment of constantly software and patch support, Microsoft keeps its word – rather The entire new Surface Duo patch is the first major step in an upcoming three-year epic of such support.

Initially, the developers and engineers believed that the problems with displaying and recognizing gestures on the Surface Duo were due to some kind of malfunction in the internal hardware of the model, but later it became clear that the software was not working correctly. Thus, Microsoft is taking all the necessary steps to make the user experience on Surface Duo much more interesting and smoother, not to mention a few extras.

It is worth noting that Surface Duo is becoming more and more interesting for end users due to the fact that Microsoft is actually taking a long-term plan to develop and support the platform and the device itself. Even if in the future the company switches to other projects and relies on slightly different technologies and features, the company will, one way or another, be engaged in improving and refining its Surface Duo device over the next three years.


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