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Stylish and laconic aluminum case Jonsbo UMX6



A new product called UMX6 has appeared in the assortment of PC cases from Jonsbo. The case is suitable for Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX and E-ATX motherboards.

The main feature of the novelty is its stylish appearance. The body is made of aluminum, and one of the side panels is made of tempered glass, which allows you to observe the operation of the components. Despite the absence of numerous decorative details, the case looks very impressive, resembling similar products in the premium price range.

The dimensions of the PC case are 224 * 482 * 501 mm, which allows you to install a cooler for a processor up to 169 mm in height and a video card up to 330 mm in length. Eight slots are provided for expansion cards. The case can accommodate two 2.5-inch and the same 3.5-inch drives.

Cooling of the novelty can be liquid or air. In the first case, radiators up to 360 mm are used, and in the second, 6 fans of 120 mm are allowed.

The front model of the case received connectors for a microphone and headphones, a USB Type-C port and two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces.

Source: Jonsbo

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