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Stories appeared in the Google app for Android and iOS

by Henry Brown

Google announced the appearance of Stories in its proprietary application for Android and iOS, which provides not only a search function, but also a Discovery section, which displays news and articles of interest to the user – it was in it that the new function was launched.

Unlike Stories in popular social networks and instant messengers, Google uses this format to publish news and educational content. “Stories” can consist of videos, photographs and audio recordings, and authors can insert links into them and link them to any full-fledged materials. In order to simplify the publication of Stories, the developers have released a special editor for WordPress and other web utilities that allow you to quickly and easily create posts.

At the moment, the innovation is only available to publishers from the United States, India and Brazil – given such an unusual choice of countries, we can safely assume that this is a trial launch, and in the future the function will work in all regions.

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