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Steve Jobs wanted to install Intel Atom processors in the iPad. But changed my mind in time




In the early days of the iPad, Steve Jobs thought of using Intel Atom processors in tablets. However, he quickly changed his mind.

Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod, convinced the founder of the company. Atoms were slow enough chips and required too much power.

The purchase of PA Semi and Intrinsity chip manufacturers turned out to be more effective. They helped create the first A4 and A5 chips.

This is how Jobs explains in Isaacson’s book why he didn’t choose Intel for the iPad and iPhone:

First, they are just very slow. They are like a steamer, not very flexible. We are used to moving pretty fast. Second, we just didn’t want to teach them everything that they could sell to our competitors.

Jobs also called the graphics in Intel processors “suck” and added that they did not have the same system-on-chip efficiency as the A4 / A5.

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