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Steering wheel and integrated gaming console with PlayStation 5 performance. Tesla unveils updated Model S and Model X



Tesla has officially declassified the Palladium project, within which the development of the new Model S and Model X was carried out. The new versions of these cars take Tesla to a new level of electric car functionality – and further distance the products of Elon Musk from the products of other players On the market.

tesla tesla

The first thing you notice in the render of the new Model S is the steering wheel. More precisely, instead of a steering wheel, there is now a steering wheel reminiscent of the steering wheel of an F1 car. However, if there are about 20 switches in the “formula” rudders, then there are only a few of them. And there are no paddle switches at all! However, something similar has already been seen on the prototype of the new Tesla Roadster, demonstrated in 2017.

The second notable innovation is screens. Now there are three of them in the car: a central 17-inch with a resolution of 2200 x 1300 pixels (now it is oriented horizontally, but tilting to the left / right is supported), a driver’s diagonal of 12.3 inches and a brand new third – 8-inch, located on the central tunnel behind the backs of the front seats. Keeping kids entertained in the backseat of the new Tesla Model S and Model X will now be easier.

It is not for nothing that the cover of The Witcher 3 flaunts on the central screen, because the new products have a so-called “gaming computer” with a performance of 10 TFLOPS. And this, for a minute, is the level of Sony PlayStation 5! It is claimed that such a built-in console will allow playing other demanding games, including Cyberpunk 2077. It is impossible to do this in any other car, unless the owner suddenly decides to install the PlayStation 5 in the car. By the way, the “gaming computer” is two and a half times faster than the Xbox Series S in performance – its capacity is only 4 TFLOPS.

And the fresh Model S and Model X have received a new glass roof, as shown in the corresponding render.

The cars are equipped with an acoustic system with 22 loudspeakers and an active noise cancellation system, three-zone climate control with a HEPA filter. All glass protects against UV and infrared radiation, and all seats are heated. The steering wheel and windshield are also heated. The front seats have ventilation, wireless smartphone charging and a USB-C port for each passenger.

This is not a complete list of equipment, but it is clear from it that Tesla is trying to keep the bar of its flagships so that competitors cannot get close. In terms of capabilities, the new Model S and Model X are definitely premium, but the question of the materials used and the build quality is open. According to user reviews, earlier it corresponded more to American Ford cars than Mercedes-Benz. In general, this point remains to be clarified.

If there are a lot of changes in the interior of cars, then the exterior has only slightly evolved: the design of the front part has changed, there is less chrome.

Along with the updated interior, new designs are presented. So, the Performance version of the Model S disappeared – it was replaced by the “frenzied” Plaid and Plaid + versions with acceleration to 96 km / h in 2 seconds. The maximum speed and range of the basic version of the Model S Long Rage is 250 km / h and 663 km, respectively, Model S Plaid – 320 km / h and 628 km, Model S Plaid + – 320 km / h and more than 850 km / h.

Mass production of new products in the United States will start in the first quarter of this year. Most likely in late February or March. In China, production will begin in the third quarter of this year. By the way, in China this year at the Shanghai plant they plan to assemble 450,000 Tesla cars – almost as much as Tesla was produced at all the company’s factories last year. So in 2021 we are expecting another record in sales and deliveries. But whether it will make it to a million cars is still a question. In terms of prices, the updated Model S starts at $ 80,000 in the US. But taking into account various subsidies, in reality, buyers will pay less for a car.

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