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Startup EOS-X Space wants to send tourists into space on balloons

by Henry Brown

Today, aerospace giants such as Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX are serious about developing space tourism. However, in addition to them, such ambitions are put forward by other companies, for example, the Spanish startup EOS-X Space, which wants to deliver 10 thousand people to the border with space over the next 10 years. The only difference is that EOS-X Space will not send its clients on space travel in a rocket and ship. Instead, tourists will be in an airtight capsule tied to a special balloon that can rise to an altitude of 40 km.

This means that space tourists do not have to undergo training, torture themselves with training and don a special suit while traveling. The duration of each such flight, depending on weather conditions, will be 4-5 hours.


“Companies such as Blue Origin, Space X and Virgin Galactic offer high-altitude flights that last only a few minutes. We will give our customers the opportunity to see the curvature of the Earth on an unforgettable journey lasting several hours, ”said EOS-X Space founder Kemel Kharbachi.

The capsule will be able to accommodate up to five passengers, and the flight itself will be as smooth and comfortable as possible. The approximate ticket price will be from 150 to 200 thousand dollars, the first commercial flight is scheduled for 2023. According to the official EOS-X Space website, sustainability is a top priority for the company, so helium will be used to lift the balloon. The balloon itself cannot be reused; after landing, it will be sent for recycling.

The founder of EOS-X Space is also the CEO of the Spanish technology center Agora Next, which oversees startups in the tourism sector. The company hopes to have a presence in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia.

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