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SSD hard drives discover their powerful specificities SSD hard drives discover their powerful specificities


SSD hard drives: discover their powerful specificities



Storage media are electronic devices that keep large amounts of information outside of your computer. There are several types, including regular hard drives, USB flash drives, and SSDs. The performance of these latter types is not judged solely by the volume of data they can store. Indeed, factors such as the speed of loading must be taken into account.

SSD storage
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Because they provide several advantages, SSDs are often chosen instead of conventional hard drives. Whether you have an older computer or a newer model, you might need an SSD more than a hard drive. Anyway, we have selected the 3 best SSD hard drives on the market for you.

SSD hard drive: what is it?

the Solid-State Drive or SSD is an electronic medium on which information is stored. Unlike a conventional hard drive, it stores said data in flash memory, a technology with semiconductors.

The SSD is used either on a computer, or on a server. A lot of data can be stored there as needed. It is even quite common to install operating systems for some computers.

What are the advantages of SSD storage?

If the SSD storage drive is so popular, it is because of the many advantages it has.

A lighter and more economical support

It is always more satisfying to be able to store your information on an efficient and space-saving medium. One of the main and visible characteristics of the SSD drive is its lightness. Smaller than a hard drive, the device is still very easy to transport.

On the other hand, the SSD is more economical in terms of energy. Whether in standby or operating mode, its consumption is three times lower than that of an ordinary hard disk.

SSD hard drive: a faster device

When transferring data to or removing data from electronic media, transfer speed is often a factor that illustrates its performance. Compared to other storage media, SSD storage media is known to respond quite quickly no matter what action you want to take.

With an SSD, your data loading time is greatly reduced. Indeed, the flow can reach the 500 MB, or more, for a transfer and the 0.1 millisecond to allow you to access the information stored there. Thus, tasks such as starting your operating system, loading video games or using software are done more quickly and smoothly.

This speed of operation of SSDs is a real advantage which can increase the performance of computers tenfold, even the oldest ones.

More efficient support

Like hard drives, SSDs increase the storage capacity of a computer. Faster and more responsive, the SSD is able to achieve in a short time, much more than traditional storage.

When the SSD reaches its maximum number of writes, it switches to ” read only To allow you to backup and recover your data on time. They operate through semiconductors and increase the lifespan of your devices. These then become more autonomous when they work only with their battery.

Stronger and more reliable

Using semiconductor technology, SSDs do not contain any mechanical or moving components that can deteriorate. They are thus more resistant and less sensitive to shocks. As a result, the risk of breakdowns is greatly reduced. This type of storage offers a fairly considerable lifespan, but it is still necessary to offer it adequate maintenance.

It should be noted that due to the type of technology they use, SSDs are quiet in operation, which makes them pleasant devices to use. In addition, they are more aesthetic and more ergonomic.

What are the different types of SSD storage?

There are different types of storage which differ in terms of capacities and compatibilities. Specifically, SSD storage drives can be internal or external : Mini-SATA SSD storage, 2.5 inch SSDs, M.2 SSDs.

Mini-SATA SSD storage

More economical, mini-SATA are small in size compared to 2.5 inch SSDs. They are designed for very thin devices and desktop computers. This type of SSD using the standard mSATAcan reach a speed of 6 Gb / s , whether in read or write mode.

It must be said that in terms of efficiency, mini-SATA

2.5-inch SSDs

These are the most common and classic of these records. They are ideal for laptops and connect using SATA cables. At the same time, they are large enough to hold the data of these devices. The 2.5 ”SSD easily replace conventional hard drives and offer better performance.

M.2 SSDs

Designed without boxes, these SSDs in M.2 format are among the best performing and newest for use on very small devices. They are also smaller than the SSD 2.5 and can reach 10 Gb / s. M.2 SSDs come in various lengths and widths and connect with interfaces SATA and PCIe NVMe. Also with the intention of saving space, SSDs in M.2 format can be combined with other storage media.

Some M.2 NVME SSDs can achieve even more impressive speeds. It should be noted that the flash memoryalso helps distinguish between SSD types. This memory obviously varies from one SSD to another. You will then understand why some SSD models are more efficient than others. The most famous flash memories are:

  • The Multi Level Cell (MLC) which you can use on all devices.
  • The Triple Level Cell (TLC)
  • Single Level Cell is ideal for fairly high performance needs
  • The Quadri Level Cell which is the most recent flash memory.

SSDs and their technology are becoming increasingly important in the world of data storage. They are always more effective and above all accessible to the general public. SSDs are intended to be a durable solution and a good alternative to the shortcomings of ordinary hard drives.


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First, the Ryzen Threadripper 5000 line will not be replaced until the end of 2023, although a more powerful version is expected after that. Secondly, AMD will continue to sell the Ryzen 5000 series along with the Ryzen 7000 this year and into 2023. The most interesting thing is that there will still be a line of processors with 3D V-Cache memory, they are marked with X3D indexes.

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Will it be better than the GeForce RTX 3050?  Intel unveils Arc A750 graphics card for $290

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Intel itself says that the Arc A750 is 53% superior to the GeForce RTX 3060 in terms of price and performance, but at one time Intel said something similar about the Arc A380, but in the end it turned out that there are nuances. In addition, here the company mentions that they are charging an RTX 3060 with a price of $418, which is allegedly the average price of this card on the NewEgg network on September 22. However, there is an RTX 3060 on the same network for $370-$400, so the Intel comparison should be treated with caution.

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When using liquid CO and overclocking to 5.5 GHz on all cores, the temperature was only 70 degrees versus 90 degrees for a conventional CPU with less overclocking. Unfortunately, there are no results without overclocking, but the temperatures will obviously be even lower, that is, already quite within the usual values ​​for most modern processors.

Der8auer used a prototype tool to remove the cover, but a production model should be available later. Of course, this solution is not suitable for everyone, because, firstly, it is risky, and secondly, it deprives the owner of the processor warranty. However, this is still an effective option and it must be borne in mind.

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