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Spotify improves the music experience of its podcasts

by Henry Brown

The streaming music service Spotify has recently added its own podcast mechanics, which by themselves continue to become an increasingly popular form of entertainment among a huge number of users – and therefore, the company’s management decided to deal with the problem of the lack of licensing of audio and music within these podcasts in its own way. … And if previously podcast authors who wanted to include any music in their audio show had to look for third-party options and licenses in order to avoid copyright problems, now they can seamlessly use Spotify’s own music library and include music in their shows.

This approach, although it seems quite obvious and easy to itself, but in fact it took quite a lot of time and effort in order for everything to work as it should – both in terms of copyright and intellectual property, and in terms of internal algorithms and Spotify control systems. to make users feel as comfortable as possible while customizing this moment.

Moreover, the decision to provide podcast authors with the ability to include full versions of songs and tracks from the Spotify library was in no small part dictated not only by the growing popularity of podcasts as such, but also by the fact that many podcast listeners in one way or another previously asked the company to add something like that – any convenient way to listen to the music you like without leaving the podcast itself. In addition, it can be assumed that the Spotify development and debugger team will be adding some new settings for podcasters relatively soon.

In general, the podcast format is really popular and in demand among a huge number of users, and this is not just Spotify, although it continues to grow in popularity among a large number of users. Some industry experts believe that in the future, within the Spotify platform, the company’s management will focus on providing its users with the easiest and most intuitive way to find their favorite music through podcasts.

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