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Spider-Man 3: Andrew Garfield would have seen hidden film; understand!




In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andrew Garfield, who could run for the next Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in the feature Tick, Tick… Boom!, revealed that he participated in a Spider-Man: No Return Home (Spider-Man: No Way Home, in the original) hidden from the public.

“I still can’t believe it happened,” said Peter Parker’s interpreter in the franchise. The spectacular Spider Man, released in 2012. “I sneaked into a movie theater on opening night [do filme] and I just watched him with my baseball cap and my mask on.”

(Sony Pictures/Marvel/Reproduction)(Sony Pictures/Marvel/Reproduction)Source: Sony Pictures/Marvel

According to the actor, Tobey Maguire, known for being the first Spider-Man in cinema, accompanied him in the same session. “Tobey and I walked in together [no cinema] and no one noticed we were there. It was an amazing and truly emotional thing that we shared together,” he recalled.

In the same interview, Garfield shared that he felt honored to be a part of the new Spider-Man universe, as he considers himself a huge fan of the character. In fact, the presence of the actor and Tobey Maguire in the current production was something very much awaited by the fans, who, despite already knowing about this eventual involvement, were surprised when they could see the former Peter Parker interpreters together on the scene.

Andrew Garfield had to deny his participation in Spider-Man: No Return Home

Before the premiere of the third Sony and Marvel feature film starring Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield gave several interviews in an attempt to mislead journalists — and the public — about his participation in the film. In one of the interviews, the actor came to pass great confidence in what he said, arguing that he had not been invited, but that he would very much like to.

The rumors about what Spider-Man: No Return Home could present to the public gained even more strength when the first trailers were released, indicating the presence of all the villains already faced by Peter Parker in the cinema. In this way, the expectation became great with the possible participation of Garfield and Maguire.

In the production, Peter Parker (Holland) has his identity exposed to the world, something that ends up directly affecting the lives of MJ (played by Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon). For this reason, he turns to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to perform a spell that would make everyone forget about this detail. However, things get out of hand when villains from the hero’s alternate universes emerge to attack him.

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Shazam! 2 will always be more fun and action-packed



You had a good laugh watching “Shazam! »? In this case, get ready to love the sequel! Indeed, if we are to believe the crisp revelations of Peter Safran, the producer of the film, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” will be even funnier and action-packed than its predecessor.

While promoting the “Peacemaker” series, Peter Safran took the opportunity to drop some info on the second installment of Shazam! fans are eagerly awaiting. It must be said that the first film had been very well received by the public, exploding the world box office with a total revenue of 366 million dollars.


With “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” DC intends to raise the bar even higher with an even grander and more entertaining sequel according to Peter Safran. We tell you everything!

Peter Safran is very enthusiastic

It was in an exchange with Collider that Peter Safran gave his opinion on Shazam! 2. The information released by the producer is full of promise as to the continuation of the (my) adventures of Billy Batson and his super powerful alter ego. ” [Le second film] has more emotion, more humor, but it also has more action, bigger sets, big baddies”, said Peter Safran. He even claimed that in Shazam! 2, action and humor of the first film were multiplied by 11.

Still in terms of humor, “I love that the kids are all a bit older now, so we can have a little more fun in a more edgy way with them”, said Peter Safran. Like what, the film promises good slices of fun!

A shock casting for Shazam 2

Peter Safran also spoke about the casting of “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”. The producer is simply delighted that Rachel Zegler and Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu are part, considering that it was really “fantastic” that the three actresses are part of the adventure. If we know that Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu embody the wicked, the role of Rachel Zegler remains unclear for the moment.

For now, we don’t know more about the pitch of the film, but everything suggests that at some point, Billy and his brothers and sisters will travel to the kingdom of the gods. We will have to wait a little longer before knowing more, especially that “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is not expected before 2023. Can’t wait for the first trailer of the film to get a taste of what awaits us!


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Eternals breaks viewership record for MCU premieres on Disney+



eternal It’s one of the latest Marvel movies and also one of the most anticipated by fans. The feature film, which brings new characters to the Cinematic Universe and a new shelf of powers, debuted last week in the Disney+ catalog and has already broken records.

The feature arrived on January 12, 2022 on the streaming platform and, according to the website The Direct, became the most viewed MCU movie debut on Disney+. According to data collected by the Samba TV, which surveys streaming views, eternal was watched by just over 2 million accounts in the United States.

(Source: Disney/Reproduction)(Source: Disney/Reproduction)Source: disney

production exceeded Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which previously held the highest debut rank for Marvel. Another important number for the new film is the fact that it was in front of Cruella and Mulan, which were watched by 686,000 and 1.2 million accounts, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that these numbers are collected by the website Samba TV, as Disney does not usually disclose official audience numbers on the streaming platform.

impact of eternal can be short

The film was first released only in theaters and earned a box office of $164 million in the United States and more than $401 million worldwide. Thereby, eternal stood in front of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings it’s from Black Widow.

The feature film brought new characters into the MCU and should have a direct relationship with the events of Phase 4. Something that probably facilitated the excitement of the fans was the curiosity to meet these new heroes. But the top shouldn’t last long.

(Source: Disney/Reproduction)(Source: Disney/Reproduction)Source: disney

Unfortunately, the film suffered from polarized reviews in the Rotten Tomatoes, from critics and fans alike. Because of this, it is the lowest rating and the first rotten rating of all Marvel movies on the review site.

Risking a prediction, it’s expected that Marvel’s Phase 4 blockbuster rank could fall soon. This is because, after the resounding debut of Spider-Man: No Return Home in theaters, Peter Parker’s new movie is set to dominate the MCU viewing record on the streaming platform.

All Marvel productions are available in the Disney+ catalog.


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How I Met Your Father: Know who’s who in the series’ cast



About 17 years after the premiere and 8 years after the end of the hit series How I Met Your Mother, fans were finally treated to a spin-off of the production. How I Met Your Father brings a completely different perspective and story to television.

On the Hulu show, Sophie’s character is telling her kids how she met their father. For now, the only similarity to the original show is the idea and the proposal, as the cast is completely new.

Check out who are the actors and actresses in the cast of How I Met Your Father and their respective characters in the production!

Sophie in 2022 – Hilary Duff

(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)Source: hulu

Sophie is the protagonist of the story. The 2022 version of the character is young and, like Ted Mosby, she is quite emotional and is looking for a partner for life.

After several frustrated encounters on Tinder, she’s going to date the perfect guy and join a new group of friends.

Young Sophie is played by Hilary Duff, who was once one of Disney’s great darlings, being known for having made Lizzie McGuire, Twelve is too much and The new Cinderella.

Sophie in 2050 – Kim Cattrall

(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)Source: hulu

Unlike the original series, the older version of Sophie is played by another person, who also appears telling the story, rather than just showing the children listening.

In addition, the Sophie of 2050 is the same one who narrates the story to her children and, at the same time, to the audience.

Actress Kim Cattrall was chosen to play the character and narrate the sitcom. Cattrall is known for her work as the iconic Samantha Jones in the series and film of sex and the city.

Jesse – Christopher Lowell

(Source: Disney/Reproduction)(Source: Disney/Reproduction)Source: disney

Jesse is an Uber driver who no longer believes in love and finding the right person. That’s because, at the beginning of the series, a video of him being refused after a marriage proposal goes viral on social media.

In the series, he meets Sophie by taking her on a date with the possible perfect guy.

Jesse is played by Christopher Lowell, who is known for the series Veronica Mars and Private Practice.

Valentina – Francia Raisa

(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)Source: hulu

Valentina is Sophie’s roommate and also the protagonist’s best friend. She is impulsive and quite anxious, as well as being someone who is always supporting Sophie in her quests in search of love.

In the first episode of the series, she is returning from London Fashion Week.

The character is played by Francia Raisa, who was part of the cast of Grown-ish and The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

Charlie – Tim Ainsley

(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)Source: hulu

Charlie is a boy from a very wealthy family in England who, after staying with Valentina, was forced to decide if he wanted to keep the girl for real or if he wanted to stay full of money.

He and Valentina stayed during London Fashion Week and, after the event, the boy ended up in New York, penniless and with a new group of friends.

Tim Ainsley is the one who plays Charlie. The actor was part of the cast of more independent productions, such as the films Safe Inside and serpent.

Sid – Suraj Sharma

(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)Source: hulu

Sid is Jesse’s best friend and can be seen as something of a Marshall of the series. He is in a long relationship and in the first episode he is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. He also owns the bar where the friends meet.

Sid is played by Suraj Sharma, who starred in the film. The Adventures of Pi and was part of the cast of the series God Friended Me.

Ellen – Tien Tran

(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)Source: hulu

Elle is Jesse’s sister and has recently moved to New York after divorcing his wife. She’s looking forward to stepping into the big city dating world, where she hopes to find a new interest. Plus, she’s really excited about her new group of friends.

The character is played by Tien Tran, an actress who was part of the cast of candyman and hot date.

Hannah – Ashley Reyes

(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)(Source: Hulu/Reproduction)Source: hulu

Hannah is Sid’s girlfriend. She works as a doctor in Los Angeles and, after her boyfriend’s request, decides to move to New York and live with him. She is very excited to start planning the wedding.

Ashley Reyes is the one who plays Hannah. The actress became known after being part of the cast of the series American Gods.

Ian – Daniel Augustin

(Source: Instagram/Reproduction)(Source: Instagram/Reproduction)Source: Instagram

Ian is one of the possible fathers featured in the show’s pilot episode. He is a marine biologist and seems to be the perfect match for Sophie. However, Ian receives a job offer in Australia and decides to move there. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want a long-distance relationship and frustrates the protagonist.

Ian is played by Daniel Augustin, who was part of the cast of Cake: The Series and David Makes Man.

Drew – Josh Peck

(Source: FOX/Reproduction)(Source: FOX/Reproduction)Source: FOX

Closing the list of characters is Drew. He, like Ian, is one of Sophie’s dates during the first episode of the series. However, he is not presented as a possible father of the children.

Josh Peck is known for his iconic work on Drake & Josh and, more recently, by the series Turner & Hooch.


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